Do you desire to create LASTING CHANGE?

Do you feel stuck in one circle despite all your efforts?

I will meet you where you are at and help you move forward ♥ 

What can I help you with?

Happiness + Self-image

Create life on your own terms

Find what YOU trully want. Remove shame and confusion about who you are. 

Become your own best friend. Build your dream life. Share your gifts with the World. 

Increase your confidence, love yourself and build self-trust. Strengthen your inner guidance.

Health & Wellness

Improve your physical and mental health

Discover the right way of eating for YOU. Get rid of diets. Achieve healthy weight-loss. 

 Improve your sleep, energy levels & mental clarityManage  stress and get rid of anxiety. 

Remove shame, restrictions and love your body!

Who am I?

I am Annie - a life & health coach, motivator and inspirator.

I can help you create a high-vibe healthy lifestyle full of energy and vitality, so you can thrive in all areas of your life. 

I have helped countless people become clear about what they want, work through limiting beliefs, create lasting health, and design a life they are obsessed with living. 

I want to see you shine!

Do you desire to...

  • Get clear on your DREAMS, DESIRES,... And bring them TO LIFE?
  • Overcome FEARS, BLOCKS and PATTERNS that keep you stuck?
  • Create a POSITIVE BODY-IMAGE, LOSE WEIGHT with love, and learn a HEALTHY approach to NUTRITION?
  • Strengthen your INNER GUIDANCE and the voice of your INTUITION?
  • Prioritise YOURSELF and improve your SELF-CARE?
  • Create HEALTHY HABITS for MOVING YOUR BODY, proper SLEEP, and STRESS management?
  • Build SELF-TRUST, CONFIDENCE and love YOURSELF more?
  • Have HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS and set loving BOUNDARIES for maintaining your peace?

How will I work with you?

As your coach I will encourage you, give advice, and brainstorm with you on the best possible solution for you.

I will guide you through the transformation of creating lasting change and building healthier habits.

You have all the answers within & I will help you find them.

"Annie's gift is to take your huge ball full of problems and make easy way out of it. You think that you will cope with all of it until the end of your life. But she surprises you, that you can solve almost all of it in one session. 😃"



This is how coaching with me feels like...

♥ The vibe of our coaching is EMPOWERING, LOVING and SAFE. 

♥ I am your ACCOUNTABILITY partner who gently pushes you to your NEXT LEVEL.

♥ You learn implementing HEALTH & MINDSET tools you can rely on in your life onward.

♥ You trust and listen to your own body and are empowered to make your own choices.

♥ Our sessions are joyful and fun. Thanks to that you create a positive relationship with your health and body. 

♥ You are heard, seen, loved and accepted for who you are. 

Why me?

Apart from being a certified life coach & nutritionist I also have hundreds of hours of trainings in various coaching and transformation techniques.

I am determined to empower you and bring the best out of you. I NEVER tear you down, shame or guilt you. 

Coaching with me works. Clients often tell me they feel empowered for change from the very first session.

This is what my clients say:

I'm a long term client of Anežka. I tried all of her service and I have to say that her job just transformed (and is still transforming) my life. What I appriciate about her is her ability to show you the positive things about your life. Sometimes we feel like we mess up all the time. Like whatever we do, nothing works in our lives. But Annie is always here to switch our mind and put the light on the things that work (and there are always some), on our abilities that are great, on our achievements. And suddenly we realize we are not broken. There are many coaches and mentors that put the light on everything that is not working and we have to fix. Annie is the opposite and thanks to that, she helps us to build healthy confidence and to start to believe in ourselves again. Cuz she always believes in us. Annie's work always brings happiness in my life. Thank you, sweetheart. ❤️
Lucie Fischerova
"I was trying to lose weight for several years. I already knew about various nutrition styles for weight loss, but they didn't work for me so I didn’t believe weight loss is possible for me. But Annie helped me discover a few mistakes I made, and these were crucial to lose my first kgs. This was my first real weight loss after years of trying. This is when I began to believe that it was possible for me and I gained the strength and motivation to keep going. I also realised that it's a lot about the mindset. Annie's big advantage is working with a mindset. I couldn't imagine a day without sweets and today I usually don't even remember them. I'm not hungry and I already know that I can manage my emotions other than with sweets. I lost 8kgs in 3 months with Annie."
Barbora Fuerstl
Coaching with Anežka is like meeting an angel 🙂 Anežka has the ability to focus on the use of a given conversational topic, to assess adequate techniques to improve the situation, and most importantly, a natural intelligence and ability to provide clients with the necessary and professional feedback. I learned and was reminded of the context that is important to work on oneself, especially with regard to inner satisfaction, which then spills over into quality of life as a whole. I would recommend coaching to anyone who wants to further develop themselves, work on themselves and most importantly apply principles and insights to their lives that can only benefit us, especially in today's turbulent times.
Kamil S.
Working with Annie is so amazing! Everyone should hire her as their coach! Before we started to work together I was afraid to be seen in my most vulnerable but Annie made every session feel so safe and she could hold all my feelings and helped me to feel them and integrate. I felt fully seen, never judged and always welcomed in whatever mood I was, whatever problem I was bringing to our sessions. During our work together I definitely worked through few deep childhood memories that I had no clue influenced me to this day, she hold the space for me beautifully and helped me to navigate the emotions arising. I can only recommend Annie to anyone who wishes to get to know themselves on a deeper level and thus create fully autenthic life. You will be accepted as you are, held and beautifully guided through everything ♥️ Annie knows the best exercises and tools to help you get to the root of your frustration so you can process it on a deeper level and start living the life of your dreams! thank you Annie ♥️
Niki Socratous
When I started coaching with Anezka, I was completely lost, had zero structure and my life felt like a one big chaos. I was exhausted and overwhelmed with tasks that never end. After 4 sessions of Anezka’s coaching not only did I gain clarity on where I am at and where I am going but she also helped me to structure my business in a way that felt easy. I started having more personal time to do things my heart wanted to do. Anezka truly helped me to rearrange my whole lifestyle, she was supportive in every way possible, I felt like I am finally heard and understood. I had unlimited access to her so I used it as much as I could and every time I talked to her it felt like an AHA moment that took away my stress and made things easy. She gave suggestions on how to listen to myself more and get things done with confidence and certainty in my outcomes. I loved working with Anezka and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to rearrange their lifestyles and live + work with ease and fun while she holds you accountable for making things happen.
Anastasia Delore'
I signed up for working with Annie due to my long-term problems with underweight and health. I had frequent emotional swings, lack of energy and low strength in my body. Annie helped me to give myself the confidence that I could gain weight, she helped me to overcome the blocks, due to which I was reluctant to eat. She taught me the right nutrition, set my regime, discussed with me the mistakes I make in eating. After 2 weeks with Anezka, I gained 2 kg, and even during difficult mental situations, thanks to the right eating, I was full of optimism and had more energy and passion for life. Thanks to Annie, I have my appetite back. I know how to eat right and I am confident that I will be able to gain even more weight. Thank you. ❤️

3-months package includes:

  • 9x Online Coaching Sessions
    Via Zoom approx. 60-90 mins
  • Unlimited WhatsApp Support
    Via messages and voice messages
  • Personalized Materials
    This could be anything that we find helpful for achieving YOUR goals. (for example: Personalised meal-plan, check-list, audio recording, affirmations, or practices)
  • Video Recordings and Notes from sessions
    So you can come back to it anytime

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I'm looking forward to meet you♥