I can honestly say I have never felt happier, freer, and more unstoppable.

I have created a relationship with myself and my body, that feels safe, positive, and empowering. The inner critic is gone and replaced by a self-loving inner voice that has my back. I understand myself and love myself - which is also being reflected positively by my outside reality and through the loving behavior of people around me.

Of course, I have bad days, doubts, and limited thinking from time to time. I still live a human life :-). But through constant inner work, I have learned to shift back into happiness. 

With years of self-care practices, I realized that being happy, healthy, and powerful is not a “state that happens to us randomly”, rather it is something completely in our hands and creatable by our daily actions.

I believe that if we - influential women with big dreams - want to live in our full power, we need to take care of our physical, emotional, and spiritual health on daily bases. 


But it was not always like this...

I wasn't really happy before.

A few years ago I felt like my life is one big failure. I had a nice job with a great salary and traveling opportunity (I worked as an Emirates cabin crew), but I was miserable. I felt exhausted, powerless, and always running behind. 

Moments of happiness were rear - just snippets here and there between my depression and anxiety. 

I was punishing myself with self-criticism, perfectionism, and all-day long self-destructive thinking. My constant people-pleasing and self-sacrificing tendencies with the need for the approval of others didn’t help my own happiness either. 

The "good girl" I was had to learn to prioritize her own needs over the needs of others and set boundaries to protect her happiness.


Long story short: My relationship with myself and my body was awful. 

My physical health was going down too. Along with stress I had very problematic digestion, I literarily couldn't "digest my life". I also suffered from bad acne problems and my energy levels were super low. 

In order to "fix my body" I experimented with various extreme diets, but I ruined my health even more and developed an eating disorder called orthorexia (an eating disorder that involves an unhealthy obsession with eating healthy). 

“God, please teach me how to be truly happy and healthy long-term!”, I asked in December, 2018.


It was time to learn about my mind and body. Mostly the hard way, haha!

My life started to give me lessons.

At first, I discovered how important self-love is and how to build it daily. Along with loving + accepting myself more I also found ways how to overcome my limiting beliefs and how process my emotions, especially the uncomfortable ones. 

I began to listen to my intuition and let myself be guided by my inner knowing - which was life-changing. In order to achieve long-lasting results, I learned techniques to reprogram my brain and I also created new healthy habits. 


"Why don't they teach us these things in school?"

There was a lot of trauma to heal and many people to forgive. However, this inner work proved itself to be a very valuable tool to rearrange my reality completely. Suddenly I couldn't believe how much safer and easier my life felt. I started living with ease and joy.

I desired to share my knowledge and help other women shift their relationships with themselves too. 

Eventually, I got certified as a life coach and created my powerful Coaching program. Working with women on creating their dream life feels like my purpose to me. 

I focus on empowering my clients to trust themselves, build confidence, and unconditional self-love, and find their own unique voices. We overcome any blocks they might have, such as limiting beliefs or subconscious obstacles, so they create their unique self-care practice and build long-lasting happiness. 

I improved my mindset, but what about my body?

Although my digestion and gut health problems had been significantly decreased with stress management techniques, my relationship with food was horrible. My mind was confused by all the nutrition advice everywhere. I didn't know what I should or shouldn't eat.

  • Is eating vegan really the "cleanest" way of eating?
  • Should I do intermittent fasting?
  • Is gluten bad for me? How about carbs in general?
  • Should I add more protein?
  • Will this keto diet (that everyone is talking about) help me lose weight?

"There is so much nutrition advice... Which ones should I follow?", I was asking myself daily.

I tried most ways of eating you can think of Vegan, Raw-Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Candida, Gut-Healing, Wholefood, and all kinds of weight-loss, and detox diets, too... But I couldn't find the "perfect diet" for me.

Eventually, I became a certified nutritionist. Apart from nutrition I teach listening to our daily needs, loving our bodies, and creating a healthy body image.

Eating is not supposed to be "hard"

I am not a fan of strict dieting and I also don't recommend any strict diet protocols. I believe a healthy lifestyle is so much more than just eating a lot of veggies and it is very much connected to our happiness, too.

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